From CFO Alex Sink’s May 16 Consumer eViews

This past week as wildfires threatened homes in Brevard, Volusia and Glades Counties, CFO Sink offered the following insurance advice to homeowners affected by the wildfires:

    If forced to evacuate your home, let your agent or insurance company know your temporary forwarding address and phone number.

•    Keep all receipts for meals, lodging and other expenses directly due to being evacuated and call your agent to find out if the Additional Living Expense coverage on your homeowners policy applies.

•    If you return to find your home damaged, call your insurance agent immediately and make emergency repairs to prevent further damage. Document the damage and repairs in writing and with receipts and photos.

•    Maintain copies of your household inventory and other documentation, including photos, to assist the adjuster in assessing the value of the destroyed property.

For help contacting your agent or insurance company regarding filing a claim, or to ensure that an insurance adjuster you are dealing with is licensed, call the department's Consumer Helpline at 1-877-My-FL-CFO.

•    Beware of fly-by-night repair businesses. Hire licensed and reputable service people