From Peter Ray

(Peter Ray is a Florida State University professor of meteorology who produces a blog during hurricane season. It is very useful as we track potential threats and threats to Florida. The blog and reports are not a product of Florida State.)

This is the wrap-up of the 2010 unusual hurricane season. None of the pre-season forecasts were any good at all, if they attempted any specificity. Next year we are going to have our own little forecast contest and see who wins :)

2010 was an extremely active season with 21 Tropical Depressions, 19 named storms (Tropical Storms or greater), 12 Hurricanes and five Major Hurricanes (Category 3 or greater).  Yet no Hurricanes hit the USA.  The long term average is 11 named storms, six hurricane and two major hurricanes. I do not know or can find in the historical record where there have been so many storms and none have hit the USA.

Although hurricanes do some good, along with a lot of bad, we can be thankful that we did not suffer from a devastating hurricane season.  Among other things, the lack of storms certainly hastened the plugging  of the oil well.

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...The NW of USA promises to be a bit wetter than normal this coming season, and most of the rest of the USA should be about normal to a little bit warmer.  Within that broad guidance there will be some marked variability, since this is only an average, but applies to Florida and most of the US.