The Sunshine Alliance to Erase Fraud today issued a news release outlining its anti-fraud initiative for the 2011 legislative session. The alliance is co-chaired by Walter Dartland, executive director, Consumer Federation of the Southeast, and Deb Cunningham, Nationwide, who is chair of the FIC Fraud Committee.

The alliance was organized last year by the Washington-based Coalition Against Insurance Fraud and the Florida Insurance Council. It was quickly expanded to the other state trades - AIA, PCI, NAMIC and FPCA. The group also includes some of the state's most prominent consumer advocates. It has developed an anti-fraud bill to be sponsored by Rep. Jim Boyd, R-Bradenton, which will come out of House Bill-Drafting soon.

Here is the release ( pdf 2-22-11 SAEF Launch ) distributed throughout Florida and to the national insurance trade press today. It includes quotes from Walt Dartland and Sam Miller, FIC Executive Vice President.