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The Senate Banking & Insurance Committee, on October 3, released an interim study: "The Effect of Repealing the Florida Motor Vehicle No-fault Law." Ironically, the report, which makes predictions on the impact, followed by two days the actual expiration of PIP/non-fault under a "sunset" provision. It is possible the Legislature will reenact and revise PIP/no-fault in the coming weeks, but not clear this will happen.

Impact of Repealing PIP/No-fault, Oct. 1, 2007


Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink and the Department of Financial Services have created a special Internet site to provide information to consumers on what might happen if PIP/no-fault is allowed to "sunset" October 1. Ms. Sink is opposed to the expiration of PIP.

The Internet site is available from this link: 


 Here is the landmark 2000 Statewide Grand Jury report on fraud in Personal Injury Protection auto insurance.!OpenDocument

Floridians for Lower Insurance Costs, a coalition led by State Farm and including other large auto insurers whose goal is to "sunset" or abolish PIP/no-fault on October 1, 2007, as currently scheduled in the Florida Statutes 

The Coalition to Protect Florida’s Drivers is lead by FHA and the Safety Net Hospital Alliance of Florida. It includes 38 organizations including hospitals, emergency care providers, first responders, safety officials, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, and auto insurers. The Coalition is calling on the Governor and legislators to either reform and extend the urrent no-fault/PIP system, or to replace it with some other form of alternative mandatory medical and property coverage formotorists.

PIP Camps: Hospital/Health Insurer Coalition

Senate Banking & Insurance Committee, November 1998: Potential Impact of Mandating Bodily Injury Liability Insurance for Motor Vehicles

Potential Impact of Mandating Bodily Injury Liability Auto Insurance


Property Casualty Insurers Association of America, An Evaluation of the Florida Automobile No-Fault Insurance Sytem After Enactment, June 27, 2005

PCI: Evaluation of Florida Auto No-Fault System, June 2005