Gov. Charlie Crist touted his "Cover Florida" health insurance plan as the state's best solution to providing nearly 4 million uninsured Floridians with a no-frills, low-cost health care option.  The plan was pushed through the 2008 Florida Legislature and began enrolling customers in January of this year.  Despite a reported surge in interest at the outset, interest seems to have been short-lived.  The Agency for Health Care Administration has released enrollment figures that reveal only 3,226 residents have signed up for the program as of May 30, 2009.

Six companies offer plans under Cover Florida:  Blue Cross Blue Shield; UnitedHealthCare; Florida Health Care Plans; JMH; Medica; and Total Health Choice.  Data shows that the majority of enrollees fall into the age category of 50-59 and of those, more than three-fourths of them, 789 elected catastrophic coverage, while 171 in that age category selected preventative coverage.  Data also reveals that women have opted for coverage twice as often as men.  The breakdown shows of the 3226 enrollees, 2,030 are female and 1,196 are male.

The lowest category of enrollees is the age 65 and over group as just one person has enrolled in that category.  The 0-18 group is the second lowest participation category with only 34 total enrollees.

Here is a data chart released by ACHA: Cover Florida Summary.