Mitigation: Hurricane Loss Prevention

2008 Wind Loss Mitigation Study

Applied Research Associates, Raleigh, N.C. is updating the study which is the basis for the hurricane loss mitigation discounts insurers are required to provide. Here is an update on the new study from the June 2008 Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund Participating Insurers Workshop.

2008 Wind Loss Mitigation Study



Seven most significant steps to mitigating your home against damage from hurricanes.

From Property Caualty Insurers of America

 Mitigation: 7 Ways to Safety

Update from Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink.

The Senate Banking & Insurance Committee has produced an excellent update on the My Safe Florida Home Program. It is included in the February 28, 2008, analysis produced on SB 644.

My Safe Florida Home Update, 2/28/08


My Safe Florida Home Update to the House Jobs & Entrepreneurship Council on  Feb. 8, 2008. The briefing includes a proposed low-interest loan program.

My Safe Florida Home Update, Feb. 8, 2008