Mitigation: Hurricane Loss Prevention

Outline for Office of Insurance Regulation presentation to the Senate Banking & Insurance Committee on January 8, 2008.

OIR Update, Mitigation Premium Discounts




As Florida moves forward with mitigation efforts to combat potential losses from
hurricanes, a catastrophe modeler from California-based Risk Management Solutions,
Inc., says Florida could reduce its annual projected insured losses by some 63
percent if key mitigation efforts were utilized. A report to the Property Insurance Reform Committee in the fall, 2006.

RMS: Mitigation Could Reduce Hurricane Losses by 63 %

July 19, 2007

Dozens of fine Internet sites provide valuable information on hurricane loss mitigation initiatives. The Florida Insurance Council has identified some of the best and provided links to them below:

Federal Alliance for Safe Homes, General Site

FLASH Program Providing Information About Disaster-Safety Building Techniques

Institute for Business & Home Safety General Site

IBHS Storm Shutter Guide

My Safe Florida Home

Florida Windstorm Mitigation Study Committee

Sponsored by ISO — a leading supplier of information about risk — this website contains a wealth of data for firefighters, building-code officials, community leaders, and other interested citizens. Here you can learn about:

ISO's Public Protection Classification (PPCTM) program
ISO's Building Code Effectiveness Grading Schedule (BCEGSTM)

ISO Mitigation Online