Update from Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink.

June 23, 2008
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~~ Only 35,000 Free Wind Inspections Remain, Program On Pace to Halt
Sign-ups By End of Summer~~

TALLAHASSEE- Florida Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink today announced
that more than 365,000 Florida homeowners have signed up for free wind
inspections through the My Safe Florida Home (MSFH) program, only 35,000
inspections shy of the Florida Legislature's goal of 400,000 free wind
inspections by June 2009. The popular first-come, first-serve program
will continue accepting applications online and over the phone until it
meets the 400,000 application goal.

Participating homeowners receive a free wind inspection report, which
suggests ways homeowners can harden their homes against storm damage and
informs homeowners if they are currently eligible to save money on their
wind insurance premiums.  To date, 60 percent of homeowners who have
received a free wind inspection are eligible for discounts on their wind
insurance premiums averaging $220 statewide.

In 2007, the Florida Legislature directed the MSFH program to provide
inspections for at least 400,000 site-built, single-family, residential
properties and provide grants to at least 35,000 applicants before June
30, 2009.  Last month CFO Sink announced that the program had exceeded
its grant goals and would transition to inspections only. To date, the
MSFH program, including local government and non-profits, has approved
approximately 38,889 homeowners for mitigation grants and has paid
18,465 grants totaling more than $62.9 million.

Any Floridian who lives in a single-family, site-built home is eligible
for a free wind inspection through the MSFH program. Floridians can
apply online at  www.MySafeFloridaHome.com or by calling the program
toll-free at 1-866-513-6734.  Homeowners who receive free wind
inspections through the MSFH program will receive a detailed inspection
report, complete with additional information on estimated insurance
premium discounts, if the homeowner is eligible.