September 9, 2007


The 2007 Florida Legislature established new requirements for retrofitting buildings undergoing alteration with direction these new requirements go into effect October 1, 2007. The Legislature also directed the Florida Building Commission to develop prescriptive techniques for the requirements.
The Florida Administrative Rule implementing the Legislature’s mandate was adopted by the Commission at its August 21, 2007 meeting and will be in effect in October as directed.

You may have heard the Florida Roofing and Sheet Metal Association together with the Building Officials Association of Florida is seeking a delay in implementation of the new requirements and the Commission supports a delay. However, the September special legislative session where the October 1, 2007 date could have been revised has itself been delayed. The requirements will take effect as required by law.

Please Note:
The law requires mitigation retrofits for site-built, single family residential structures and indicates the intent is the requirements apply to pre-Florida Building Code houses.
See Summary of Mitigation Requirements.

For specifics on the law, Ch. 2007-126, see online:
For specifics on the mitigation techniques and requirements see the Commission website:
Summary of Mitigation Requirements:

When a Roof is Replaced
1.    Everywhere in the state –
Roof deck attachments and fasteners must be strengthened or corrected and a secondary water barrier must be installed - regardless of house value.
2.    In wind borne debris region only –
Roof to wall connections must be enhanced up to 15% additional cost of the re-roofing cost - when the house value is $300,000 or more.

When ANY Building Permit is Applied for On or After July 1, 2008
1.    In wind borne debris region only -
Opening protections complying with the building code must be installed – when the house value is $750,000 or more and $50,000 or more work is being done.

The law does not require:
    Gable end bracing retrofits.
    The Legislature directed the Commission to develop prescriptive techniques that building departments must allow when the retrofit is done voluntarily but it did not make retrofitting of gable ends mandatory. Note: Other techniques can also be allowed but not required, e.g. prescriptive criteria for new buildings and engineered techniques.