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Excellent report from Property Casualty Insurers of America. Steps to take before a hurricane in case you have to file an insurance claim later and what do you do if your property is damaged by a hurricane.

If I Have Hurricane Damage!!

Home Inventory Critical Before a Hurricane Damages or Destroys Your Home

It is important you develop an inventory of your property, including personal possessions, clothing, yard equipment and so on. As one major insurer notes on its Internet site, "Most people couldn't list all the items in their living room without looking. Make a written inventory now so later you'll know exactly what's been lost. A video or digital record also becomes extremely useful during the claims process."

You can download free home inventory software from the Insurance Information Institute making the task easier. Use the link below:

Citizens Property Insurance Corporation and private insurers will not issue new coverage when a hurricane is threatening Florida, as fire coverage would not be available on a home already on fire.

When Insurers Stop Writing in Face of a Hurricane