CS/HB 565

CS/HB 565 Staff analysis: Government Operations Appropriations Subcommittee (Post-Meeting) 3/4/2014.
Similar: SB 1260 “Non-Controversial Omnibus Bill” -- by Brandes

The “Non-Controversial Omnibus Insurance Package” was approved by the House Approporiations Subcommittee on General Government unamended on Tuesday and now goes to the principal insurance committee in the House, Regulatory Affairs.

Rep. David Santiago’s bill (CS/HB 565) was approved without amendments. FIC lobbyist Robert Reyes does not that a couple of provisions could be removed from the package at some point.

The bill was approved by the House Insurance & Banking Subcommittee early last month. The Senate package (SB 1260) by Sen. Jeff Brandes, R-St. Petersburg, has been referred to the Senate Banking & Insurance Committee, but has not yet been heard.

Listed below are issues addressed in the House package from a March 4 staff analysis by the House appropriations subcommittee: See the analysis for details: Government Operations Appropriations Subcommittee (Post-Meeting) 3/4/2014.

The bill contains changes for various types of insurance. Issues addressed include:
• Boiler inspections;
• Insurance agency licensing;
• The alternative dispute programs administered by the Department of Financial Services (DFS) for property, sinkhole, and automobile insurance claims;
• Insurance agent licensing of employees and representatives of rental car businesses;
• Affidavit required of surplus lines agents;
• Use of hurricane loss models in property insurance rate filings;
• Rate setting in workers’ compensation;
• The notification period for property insurance nonrenewals, cancellations, or terminations;
• Insurance post-claim underwriting;
• Insurance coverage statements;
• Electronic delivery of insurance policies to policyholders;
• Notification to policyholders of a change in the terms of their insurance policy;
• Disqualification of an appraisal umpire in residential property insurance;
• The fee schedule used in personal injury protection insurance;
• Penalty for premium payment made by debit or credit card and declined for insufficient premium;
• Financial requirements for service warranty associations;
• Insurance administrators;
• Annual reports relating to Citizens Property Insurance Corporation (Citizens) and the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund (FHCF);
• Independent verification of mitigation discount forms and reinspection of property to verify mitigation features by Citizens;
• Preinsurance inspection of private passenger motor vehicles;
• Zip codes and rating territories for motor vehicle insurance;
• Information required with the surrender of life insurance or annuity;
• Title insurance;
• Acquisition of controlling stock;
• Refunds to insureds from the Workers’ Compensation Joint Underwriting Association;
• Licensing and duties of unaffiliated insurance agents; and
• Corporation not for profit self-insurance funds.