The Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund, at the end of each calendar year, releases detailed information on insured property in Florida, including dollar values, number of single-family homes, number of mobile homes and number of condo units. This data is available in statewide totals and by county and includes Citizens Property Insurance Corporation as well as private insurers.

The report covers all residential insurance, including homeowners, rental, condo master policy and condo unit owners policies and mobile homeowners policies. It does not include commercial property & casualty, including business owners policies.

As of December 31, 2010, there were 6.4 million insured residential risks in Florida, including 4.4 million single-family homes, 194,614 condo master policies, 792,166 condo unit owners, 453,309 mobile homes and 540,721 renters.

Total insured residential value was $2.16 trillion, including $1.8 trillion in single-family homes, $210 billion in condo master policies, $83 billion in condo unit owners, $35.6 billion in mobile homes and $17.2 billion in renters.  

The reports released at the end of 2010 are available from the links below: