FIC Serving Insurance Professionals and Consumers with a Powerful Voice

Mission Statement

The Florida Insurance Council’s mission is to provide value through education, research, and representation before consumer, legislative, regulatory, and judiciary organizations. The Council is dedicated to the highest standards of business ethics and professionalism; committed to promoting and protecting the viability of the insurance market; resolved to earn consumer confidence and trust, and determined to foster a positive public image of the insurance community.

Vision Statement

The Florida Insurance Council’s vision is to be the premier organization representing the insurance profession in Florida.  The Council will be the recognized and preferred source of information on insurance matters including economic, legislative, regulatory, and consumer issues.

The Florida Insurance Council is the vision and voice of Florida’s insurance community.

The Florida Insurance Council (FIC) is the voice of Florida’s insurance community. More than 300 businesses make up FIC. Collectively, these domestic and foreign businesses write life, health, property, and casualty policies for Florida residents and companies in excess of $50 billion.

On behalf of its members, FIC works with statewide elected officials, members of the Florida Legislature and regulators at state agencies on issues that affect insurers and their ability to serve their customers.

FIC tracks, analyzes and updates members on public policy proposals and developments. FIC understands insurers must have timely and accurate information about legislative activities; thus each morning FIC provides its members with pertinent information about developments for insurance legislation. For more information on how FIC covers the legislative session, click here.

FIC lends its voice to its membership during agency regulatory rulemaking. For detailed information about the agency rulemaking process in Florida and FIC’s involvement in it, please click here.

FIC also educates and informs other stakeholder groups, including the media and the general public, on critical insurance matters and participates in key court cases impacting the insurance industry.

FIC is led by three full-time team members, who are based at FIC headquarters in Tallahassee, just steps away from Florida’s State Capitol. The Council’s President is Cecil Pearce.

All FIC insurance company members have a seat on the FIC Board of Directors.

Given the wide range of issues relevant to and areas impacted by Florida’s insurance industry, FIC uses a committee structure to engage members on issues and areas important to them. Each committee is led by a chair and co-chair. Committees meet regularly to review and evaluate proposed policies or new regulations, determine their impact on the industry and guide FIC’s advocacy efforts in response to them.

The greatest advantage for members of FIC is the strength of the FIC lobby team. Recruited for their knowledge of insurance and related policy issues, as well as their strong relationships with statewide elected officials, legislators and regulators, this team of lobbyists are the best advocates for the insurance community. The FIC lobby team is highly visible in the halls of the Florida State Capitol and the state’s regulatory agency and extremely effective at influencing policy.

The Value of FIC Membership

Full membership is available to insurance companies admitted or authorized to do business in the state by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation. Dues are based on annual Florida premium volume and range from $10,046.35 a year to a percent of premiums.

Associate membership is available for national trade associations and similar entities. Dues are $10,075.00 a year.

Subscribing membership is available for business entities involved in insurance, but not qualifying as either a member or associate member. These include law, accounting, actuarial, and other professional firms. Subscribing member dues are $10,075.00.

Reinsurer membership is available for insurance companies writing reinsurance in Florida. Dues are $25,000.00 a year.

See what FIC members have to say about their association:

Because FIC is the voice of the insurance community in Florida. Florida Farm Bureau Insurance is a member of FIC to support our fair share of the needed efforts for all of the insurance community.

CNA is a member of FIC due to its ability and reputation to influence insurance public policy. FIC is also a tremendous forum for companies to get together and share viewpoints to affect positive change.  FIC is the preeminent insurance association in Florida.